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Custom inline styles

While contenido try to provide everything for you as a developer, there may be some cases that you need to do something that isn't provided. Here is a list of provided utilities to manipulate the inline styles:

  • Bold
  • Italic
  • Underline
  • Line through
  • Overline
  • Subscript
  • Superscript

There are some other docs in this section (inline styles) like Color and Text Transform that are totally based on this.

Custom style map #

When you need inline styles rather than bold, italic and underline; you have to add the style key and the relevant css of that to the style map and pass it to the editor. It's a good idea to spread the current inline styles first and then add yours.

toggleInlineStyle #

When you added your style key and CSS to the style map you can use the toggleInlineStyle utility to toggle your style on the selected part of your text.

hasInlineStyleOf #

This function help you to find out if the current character has your style or not. The returend boolean will update on cursor moves.

Example #

This is an example of toggleInlineStyle and hasInlineStyleOf utilities where we want to colorize the selected text with the #4cb5f5 color and make it bold.

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