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Contenido - Overview

Contenido is a library for building highly customizable rich text editors in React.

Introduction #

Contenido is a library with a set of tools to help you create your own editor on top of draft-js without thinking about how to handle things.

Contenido doesn’t aim to give you a ready to use text editor, you can find some editors that works good and are enough for your needs. The main purpose is to give you the ability of creating your own custom look rich text editor a lot faster and easier.

Features #

Contenido provides a ton of ready to use utilities to boost your development speed. Also there are methods to help you customize things in it. Here are some the library features:

  • Inline

    • bold
    • italic
    • undeline
    • line through
    • overline
    • superscript
    • subscript
  • Block

    • heading one to six (h1-h6)
    • ordered list
    • unordered list
    • blockquote
  • Insertion

    • image
    • video
    • audio
    • file
    • link
  • Text alignment
  • Inline style clearing
  • Block type clearing
  • Entities clearing
  • Atomic data update
  • Built-in shortcuts
  • Word array
  • Link preview

  • Counter

    • word counter
    • character counter
    • image counter
    • video counter
    • file counter
    • audio counter
    • link counter

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