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Contenido is a library with a set of tools to help you create your own rich text editor on top of draft-js without thinking about how to handle things.

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Why Contenido?

Mainly, Contenido helps you to create the editore you've ever wanted,

Also, these are some of contenido's benefits.

100% Customizable

You can create a rich text editor that you want. The one that fits your website design.

Easy to Use

Utilities have been declared clearly, So you won't have any tension in using them.

Utility First Lib

Save your time to make your desired editor, not the repetitive process of handling things.

Well Documented

Although the library core is on top of draft-js, the documentation will be something else.

Fully Customizable

You can entirely mix contenido with UI libraries like MUI, bootstrap, tailwind, ant design, chakra, and ...


Create your editor toolbar with your favorite UI library with Contenido.

Contenido doesn't aim to give you a ready-to-use text editor, it's odd and you can find some editors that work well and are enough for your needs. The main purpose is to give you the ability to create your custom look rich-text editor a lot faster and easier.

Flexible Styling

Simply implement your needs for text styling. Change the text font family, size, color, transform, or whatever else that you can do with pure CSS.

This is a basic example of custom text styling. You can create MORE styles based on your needs.

Let's Start

Install Contenido easily and in one go to explore the features and create your RTE.

Examples →

npm i contenido@latest

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