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HTML headings (h1 to h6) indicate the importance of text content and are used to define the hirerarchical structure of a webpage.

Toggle headings #

In order to make your text h1 to h6, you can use the ready to use contenido's utilities. For each heading:

  • heading 1: toggleH1
  • heading 2: toggleH2
  • heading 3: toggleH3
  • heading 4: toggleH4
  • heading 5: toggleH5
  • heading 6: toggleH6

Heading detection #

You can also use the available utilities to find out if the text is in your desired heading or not.For each heading:

  • heading 1: isH1
  • heading 2: isH2
  • heading 3: isH3
  • heading 4: isH4
  • heading 5: isH5
  • heading 6: isH6

Example #

An example of toggleH1 and isH1 usage. The idea will be the same for other headings.

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