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Text Alignment

Text alignment is used to display your content in your desired appearance.

toggleTextAlign #

In order to toggle between different text alignment, you can use toggleTextAlign utility.

You can completely create your custom keys for the text alignments. Here are the default ones:

  • text-align-left
  • text-align-center
  • text-align-right
  • text-align-justify

The default value for toggleTextAlign is text-align-right.

Alignment detection #

You can find the text alignment with these utilities:

  • isTextLeftAligned
  • isTextRightAligned
  • isTextCenterAligned
  • isTextJustifyAligned

Block style function #

When you add custom block types to your content, you need to define a utility to detecet and style the block type in the way you want. blockStyleFn is a ready to use utility that should be used whenever you need to render alignment or blockquotes properly.

Example #

An example of text alignment:

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